The use of flowers in the kitchen dates back to thousands of years ago: the ancient Romans often aromatised beverages with rose and violet petals, whereas in the days of Shakespeare, roses and carnations were mixed with beverages served during the shows in London.

Recently, flowers have come back to life on the plates of great restaurateurs, in Italy and around the world, to be used mainly as garnish for desserts and cocktails… but creative use has no limits!

So why not offer them to confectionery laboratories in Italy too? So, Emanuele Leolli, Modecor Product Manager, launched a new challenge: add to our range of products 8 varieties of edible flowers. In just a few weeks, the partnership was born with Insalata dell’Orto (one of the major producers in Italy), letting us become the exclusive distributor for the pastry shop and ice cream parlour channel.

Violets, calendulas, pom pom daisies, large daisies, roses, marigolds, carnations, primroses… the dimensions and shapes of these flowers, completely natural and edible, with their delicate and imperceptible flavour, make them ideal for enhancing the shape, the beauty and the style of any type of dessert, igniting a true and proper explosion of colours in the display windows of your pastry shop.

For a close-up look at the product and to find out how to best use these flowers on your desserts, come and visit us at Sigep! We’ll be expecting you at the Modecor stand: Pav D5 – No. 25!