Trendy, chic and even innovative: there is no longer a single type of dessert. Third Millennium desserts have never been so lively.

The modern pastry industry must now interpret many different consumer needs giving rise to different forms of pastry: for young people, for those who watching their waistlines, for those with vegan or vegetarian lifestyles, for street food…

In short, the trend for 2019 will increasingly play with contrasts and acidity: re-inventing, anticipating tastes, overcoming the rigid divisions between sweet and savoury.

A salty offer will become indispensable even where it was customary to offer only coffee and dessert. But it will not be a simple offer based on a classic salty dish: it will be necessary to study a new assortment in which the salty can be perfectly integrated with the sweet, giving rise to something totally new.

The key words for the pastry Industry will be chemistry, beauty and perfume, from whose combinations real art forms will be born. This new art form will stimulate not only taste, but also sight. Ready for change?