Ruby is the rose chocolate that is gaining popularity in leaps and bounds among dessert enthusiasts on social media! For those few who do not know what it is, it is the fourth type of chocolate (after dark, milk and white) that will conquer especially the female heart.

Ivan Gavazzi, Modecor Art Director, conceived a new line of decorations in Ruby chocolate that we will introduce for the first time ever in a sneak peek at Sigep in Rimini (19-23 January 2019).

Delicate, elegant, but also strong, pink has always been the colour associated with femininity and, with his new range of Ruby decorations, Ivan’s thoughts naturally turned to the female and fashion world. With their natural ruby colour, intense and fruity taste with fresh and tart notes, berry and raw cocoa aftertaste, the Ruby decorations will be able to add a touch of glamour to your confectionery products.

We have developed three families of decorations in blister, 3D and ready to use chocolate plaques, that can add an elegant and fashionable detail both to sweet products, cakes and single-portion desserts, as well as to savoury products, creating harmonies of flavours that can enhance the fruity and particularly tart taste of Ruby.

To discover and taste the line of Ruby decorations, come to Sigep! Modecor stand: Pav D5 – No. 25