“The Pastry industry is like fashion: innovation without tradition does not exist.” Ernst Knam

Traditional cakes and pies, new fashion cakes such as the Alphabet cake, semifreddi and profiterole; getting around in the pastry world is quite an endeavour, especially if the pastry sector proves to be the most creative and dynamic in the food Industry.

The best way to find your way in the constantly evolving pastry sector is to look again to the trends beyond the Alps, which have always been a source of innovation and the main reference point for the pastry business. Master pastry chef Iginio Massari says, “in France there is a great return to the classics, with renewed aesthetics and improved techniques and ingredients. The era of bright colours and baroque compositions is over, clean lines and moderate, natural colours are now everywhere to be found.

The new pastry shop must be able to combine the exotic with the common, transforming traditional recipes into an explosion of totally new flavours.

But that’s not all: in recent years, the focus on the food industry has grown more and more, thus increasing consumer awareness. As in the Kitchen, the new trends in the pastry business lead to greater attention when choosing raw materials and reconsidering territorial peculiarities.

What seems to be expected is a revival of tradition combined with innovation and trends of the moment, with an eye on territoriality and higher quality raw materials.