A fashion that arrives, as always, from overseas. The Cream Tart (also called the Alphabet/Number cake) has won over the hearts of sweets loving Internet users. Thousands of photographs can be found on the web if you search the hashtag #creamtart and numerous articles are dedicated to this true and proper trend in the confectionery world.

Here is an excerpt of the editorial published in the May/June 2018 edition of Gelato&BarPasticceria.IT:

“It is a captivating sweet, a concentrate of imagination, colours and flowers. […] it is made up of two layers of soft and fragrant shortcrust pastry dough (or shortbread biscuit, sponge cake, sablée, rolled pastry) cut, with the aid of forms in the shape of letters, numbers and sometimes hearts, depending on the occasion you want to celebrate. The space between one layer and the other is filled with a sustained cream that can be chantilly, namelaka, camy cream, whipped cream or something similar. But what makes this sweet truly special is the spectacular visual impact of its diverse decoration of colours.”

So finally, a dessert that needs decorations to be made! Chocolate, sugar, gelatine, wafer: everything that makes this sweet special, Modecor can provide!

So, what are you waiting for? Browse through our catalogue and go wild choosing decorations! Because we are certain: your customers will soon be coming to your shop to order these desserts!