In April 2018, Modecor introduced Mamì on the market, a new brand conceived for retail sales. Thanks to its technological know-how and knowledge of the market and the needs of the consumer, the company decided to transfer the quality of its products into a line dedicated to the gourmand, to all those who love baking cakes at home. This line of decorations is primarily for the segment of mums who go to party shops to purchase everything they need to make spectacular cakes at home for their loved ones or for a variety of occasions: from their child’s birthday party to the most fun festivities, for a dinner with friends or even just for breakfast in the morning.

Mamì now boasts a range of about 100 items, divided into 4 macro families of products: decorations, equipment, semi-finished products and brand products. The line will continue to grow in the coming months thanks to the addition of new items, including powdered food colourants.

The project provided immediately to be a significant challenge for the entire company. In fact, whereas on one hand, thanks to the vast experience in the party channel environment, it was simple to identify which of the Modecor products would be the ones to select for the Mamì range, on the other hand, the conception and laying out of the brand required the involvement of numerous corporate figures, from marketing to the graphics department, from the R&D team to the sales team.

The Mamì communication strategy was studied down to the smallest detail: a complete general catalogue with the products in the line; a modern and multi-language website; presence on the most important social networks (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube); an exceptional testimonial: food blogger Toni Brancatisano, who creates video recipes for Mamì.

Mamì is a perfect example of how Modecor is able to manage a product development project at 360°: from the concept to the study to the packaging, all the way to its production in extremely short times. This service is also offered to large companies in the food sector to create products in private label.