MODECOR is proud to announce that Casa Optima Group has donated € 100.000 to support hospitals in Varese, Alessandria and Rimini to purchase urgent machineries and medical stations necessary to fight Covid-19. All our Companies are placed in areas hardly hit by medical emergency, all around Rimini, Alessandria and Varese.

Far but united by a unique goal: to improve healthy conditions of ill people and offer support to doctors who operate in the hospitals of areas where our employees live. CEO of Casa Optima Group, Francesco Fattori, declared: “in a moment of emergency like this, we believe it is indispensable to support our health system and all those doctors, nurses and health workers at any level, who every day heroically risk their own health to advantage and preserve ours. As Group we are used to define ourselves as a “big family” and in this occasion, more than ever, we have the opportunity to show it.”


If you want to give you contribute and support the hospitals, click on links:

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